Green Dress

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I her up and said, “Wear the green dress tonight and be ready by 7”, and I quickly hung up the phone. She texted me a heart emoji and a smiley face and I knew her pussy got just a bit wet at the command I had thrown her. We had been dating for a few months and she was awesome. A perfect combination of sex appeal and sarcasm. We laughed a lot and connected quite nicely both in conversation and in the bedroom.

I picker her up at 7 and she looked smashing in the green satin dress. The spaghetti string tugged across her sun kissed clavicle, and her breasts heaved while the dress clung to her slender waist and outlined her tremendous ass. A Diamond necklace shined as did the diamond tennis bracelet on her wrist. She held her white Louis Vuitton clutch and slid into my BMW 7 Series while reaching over to give me a piece on the cheek. She smelled fantastic: lavender and vanilla.

We dined at a restaurant a mile above NYC and took in the sunset as is settled below the New Jersey skyline. A very romantic scene and one that I planned very carefully as I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. She began to cry and instantly said yes. The restaurant clapped and cheered and we finished our date with a toast of champagne.

As we were driving to her apartment on W 53rd St, she kept staring at the 2 carat princess cut diamond on her hand. We got to the apartment and parked and ent inside. In the elevator, she came in aggressively for a long, soft and wet kiss. I pressed the small of her back against me and held her tight and said, “I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you!” And she responded, “Me too, but tonight I want to fuck the suit out of you!” And her hand slid down to my crotch and she began stroking my cock. “Mmmmm, I like the sound of that!”, i whispered in her ear. The elevator pinged and we were on the 28th floor. She pulled my hand and led me to her apartment. She worked the door open and locked it after we entered.

She pulled me to her bedroom and began undressing me. She lowered my pants and pulled off my Calvin Klein Black trunks, my semi hard cock flopped out and she grabbed the shaft and began stroking it while gazing in my eyes, she lowered her mouth around me and bobbed back and forth. I was hard in no time and she licked my shaft and sucked on my balls. Her diamond ring sparkling when the light hit it just right. She deep throated me again and I had to pull her away for fear of cumming too quick. I pulled her chin up to me and as she stood, I pulled her in for a kiss. My stiff wet cock pressed agains her green dress. I took the spaghetti straps and pulled them to the side while i undid the zipper and the satin material slid off her perfect body and hit the floor.

Her green lace bra and green satin panties hugged her body nicely. I flicked the clasp on her bra and unleashed her B cup breasts. I went in for a kiss and pushed her gently onto the bed. Laying on top of her she spread her legs slightly and my cock found its way to press against her slit. The satin being the only thing between us and I gently thrust in between her labia’s as she kissed my tenderly. I began kissing her neck and devoured her perfume and worked my way to her breasts and sucked on her already erect nipples. Nibbling on one while she tugged at the other. I lowered down and licked her toned body al the way while I lowered her panties. I licked and kissed all around her sweet pussy but did not touch it yet and her hands running wildly through my hair trying to push me toward her pussy but I resisted. I caressed her labia’s and she pressed gently into my fingers begging for more contact.

She decided to forgo my teasing and began to rub her clit, wanting to build herself into a lather, and I decided I would let her play while I licked her inside walls. She moaned loudly when I licked her from her base to her tip and pinged her clit with my tongue on the first pass. She spread her legs a bit wider and I was able to get into her pink folds with ease as I ate her delicious cunt as she went back to playing with her clit. I inserted a finger in and met the upside of her pussy wall and pressed her g-spot which drew another load moan. I should feel her juices build while I ate her out and she unleashed a loud, deep orgasm that coated her walls with cum. I enjoyed the sweet cream of her juices and worked my way back up to her. She licked my fingers clean of her wetness before i gave her a kiss. She stood up and walked over to the wall to wall glass window and leaned against it, exposing her warm slit as she bent over toast a bit. I entered her from behind and easily slid my stiff cock into her. Giving it to her slow and gentle, she stood as I was all the way inside her and I cupped her tits and whispered, “I love being inside you!” She bent back down and I began to slowly fuck her. I watched her tight pussy stretch around my cock and cock head. Each slow thrust emitting a small moan from each of us. Her tits bouncing back and forth as I fucked her tight hole.

I stopped and pulled her away from the window and back to the bed. I noticed the smudge marks of her hands on the window and got her into bed. She climbed on top of me and pressed my cock between her wet labia’s and rode me while her juices leaked out of her. She lifted a leg and my stiff cock sprang upward and easily found her eager hole. She lowered herself onto me while tugging at her nipples and picked up the pace. Driving me deep and fast into her pussy, she played with her clit and erupted in an orgasm quickly. Falling onto my chest as her quivering pussy tightened and released her cum over my still stiff cock. I slipped out of her and rolled her over and inserted her again and began pounding her pussy hard. I fucked and pounded her pussy til I could feel my orgasm building.

I was about to pull out when she said, “No, cum inside me”. The words just about made me cum and after

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Notes A night on the town end with a fun release.
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