Flat Tire

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My 2013 Honda CRV had been so reliable. Many years of service and not one problem outside of the normal routine maintenance. I was on my way back from work, a waitress gig at a local choke and puke. The pay was pretty good and the clientele was rough but I held my own with the flirty atmosphere and occasional sexual harassment. Whip could blame them as the uniforms were very provocative: Short black mini skirt and tight red blouse, black nylons and black athletic shoes. My cleavage and long legs were surely the reason my tips were so good.

Anyway, I was driving down the backroad on my way home when the back tire blew out. The SUV rumbled and shuddered with the flat and I quickly pulled over. I got out and inspected the damage: Yup, it was a flat tire. And opened the back trunk to pull out the spare and jack. I managed to get it out of the car when I noticed a State Trooper come up behind me, lights flashing. It wasn’t a very busy road but I appreciated the added safety the Trooper would bring. He got out, and walked over. I couldn’t help but notice his tall and muscular frame, chiseled jaw and mirrored sunglasses under his wide brimmed hat. “Hi ma’am, need a hand changing that tire?” And I replied, “Oh, thank you, I think I can manage.”, as I clumsily dropped the tire and tried desperately not to let it roll away. My petite frame was obviously overmatched by the bulky tire. He caught it from rolling away and said, “Ok, well, I’ll just hang here until its changed, keep you safe from traffic.” I replied, “Thank you!” And went to work trying to figure out what they hell I was doing.

I tried in vane to loosen a lug and it was obvious the lug nut was winning. The Trooper said, “Here, let me give you a hand.” And I could notice him looking down on me and likely looking at my cleavage. I stood up, dusted off my hands and he gave one swift kick downward on the lug wrench and the lug broke free. “Wow!”, I said as he proceeded to kick the remaining 4 lugs free. I went to put the jack up and struggled there and he said, “Here, let me help.” Embarrassed, I said, “Thanks!”, as I felt my face go red. He had the car up, the old tire off and the new tire on within 10 minutes and I was impressed. As he threw everything into the back of my car, he slammed the hatchback down and clapped his hands clean.

I said, “Thank you, please take this.”, as I tried to hand him $50 from my tips. “No thank you ma’am. Happy to help you out!” I insisted again and he politely refused. I said, “Well, if you aren’t going to take money, can I at least buy you a coffee or a soda?” “Yes, that would be nice.”, he replied and I said, “My house is just a few miles up the road, I have soda and coffee there if you’d like.” He said, “Sure, I’ll follow.”

I drove home slowly on the donut spare and pulled into my house. I waited for him to get out of the car and let him follow me inside. I asked, “Coffee, Tea, Water, Juice?”, and he replied, “Water please” and I grabbed two Poland Spring’s from the fridge. We sat at the kitchen table and began small talk, I thanked him again for the tire change and he said, “Do you work any the diner down the road?” “Yes”, I replied. “I thought so, I go in there occasionally and I think you have waited on me. I’m Dan.”, as he extended his hand. I said, “I’m Sydney”, to which he replied, “I see that”, and I turn a shade of red as I notice my name tags was still on. “Yea, duh…”, I said.

“No worries”, he said, “I like that place and enjoy when I get this route to cover.” “What do you like about it?”, I asked. He continued, “For one, they have great burgers. And the staff is usually friendly and the uniforms are nice.” “You like these?”, I said. “Yeah, super hot.”, he said. “Huh, I kinda like them too. They accentuate my positives.”, I said, “and likely lead to my tips being so good!” “A bit full of yourself, eh?”, he said and I instantly felt myself turning red. “Ah, just kidding!”, he said, “You do look hot in your uniform. could you see me looking at your cleavage when I was looking down at you?” “I figured you might be.”, I said, “Most people do when I bend over.” “Well, I’d likely look at your ass if I saw you bending over.”, he said.

I couldn’t believe he was hitting on me but I kinda liked it. I broke up with my boyfriend months ago and hadn’t had a real cock in some time. Of course my vibrator took care of me but I always liked getting railed by a real cock. I said, “Excuse me, I have to use the ladies room.” And I scurried off. Inside the bathroom, I finished peeing and wash washing my hands when I thought to myself: Maybe I can get him to fuck me. I looked into the mirror and thought about a way to seduce him. I figured direct was the way to go so I took my top off and pulled my skirt off. I stood there in a red satin bra with red satin panties and left my black nylons off. I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked out.

“So, if you could do anything to me, what would it be?”, I asked as I leaned against the doorframe trying to look as sexy as I could. He said, “Syd, I’d fuck you hard!”, as he stood up from the table and walked to me. I retreated playfully to my bedroom and he walked in just as I jumped on my bed. I said, “Then come and fuck me!” He took no time lowering his gun belt and began removing his uniform as I lay on the bed, rubbing one tit with one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other through the satin fabric, enjoying the silky fabric rub against my clit.

He was almost naked now and he was a sight to be seen: 6’5”, dark black hair, brown eyes, muscular frame, chiseled stomach and he looked cute in his Calvin Klein Black undies in bright red. These held back what looked like a very good (and big) cock but I wouldn’t know for sure for a little while. He sat on the bed and watched me play with myself and said, “You always this direct?” And I said, “No, I have never done this before but you helped me out and I wanted

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Notes A flat tire leads to a thankful gift
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