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I woke up and could feel the wetness between my legs and knew that I had had a good dream. I like dreams that make me wet, I wish I could remember them better but the memory fades when I wake up. But i know that I was dreaming of being railed hard and that usually involves some fantasy fuck. I let my fingers go down and feel my moist wet pussy. I pulled my scent up and inhaled it deeply. Oh man, I love my pussy, especially when it is nice an wet. I went back down and flicked my clit a few times and spread my legs under the sheets. I worked a nice orgasm out and bucked my hips into my palm while I felt my wetness increase with my organic release.

I nodded off into a short nap and woke up fully refreshed and at ease, no pent up stress after my orgasm. I went and showered and came back into my room filled with wild, racy and sexual thoughts. I stood in front of my full length mirror and admired my toned body. At 27, I was in great shape. My tits were perky, my pussy nicely trimmed. I rubbed my hands over myself and tried to figure out how to get what my mind was thinking satisfied.

I thought about my outfit while rubbing my tits and decided I would dress for success in my mission to get fucked today. I pulled on satin panties and placed it neatly around the folds of my vulva. It’s pink polka dot patter was cute and the frilly bow on the top was a nice accent. I spun around in the mirror and liked how the panties accentuated my hips.

Next, I pulled on a black golf skirt. Light, flirty and cute. It rested nicely on my ass and when I spun in the mirror, I could see the thong. Not sure if I would be dancing later but if I did, the guys would get a special treat! I put on a white lace bra. It held my b cup tits nicely and the lace pattern is so damn sexy.

I put on a white silk blouse and left the top button dangerously low so It exposed some cleavage. You could barely see the outline of my bra but could see it if you looked close enough. I put on a pair of black pumps and they electrified my calves.

I squirted some perfume up my skirt and enjoyed the sting on my freshly shaved pussy. I squirted some on my wrist and rubbed it into my neck.

One final spin in the mirror and I looked great! Added a touch of makeup and pulled my hair back in a pony tail. Grabbed the keys to my BMW 3 series and put the top down as I put on my Ray Bans.

I cruised to the harbor and sat at the outdoor bar and ordered a Paloma. The tequila was refreshing as I surveyed the bar. I spotted him quickly. He was dark skinned, well groomed and sipping a beer at the end of the bar. He glanced over and I smiled. He smiled back and I decided then, he would be the one.

He came over to me after he ordered another beer and said, “What’s going on? I’m Scott.” I relied, “Hi, I’m Sara” and extended a hand which he gently squeezed. “Nice to meet you!”, he said and asked, “Can I take a seat?” And I replied, “Sure!”, as my eyes wandered over him, liking what I was seeing.

He sat down and we chit chatted a bit. Each time getting a little more flirtatious than the comment before and it was mutual. He was funny and witty and laughed at all my comments. After a few more drinks, he made the move I was waiting for and said, “Hey, you wanna get out of here and go to my house?” I took a long drink and said, “Sure, sounds like fun!” And he nodded to the valet to get his car.

We finished our drinks and he insisted on paying and I let my lady side show and let him. He helped me off my barstool and we walked to his Porsche 911 and he opened the door for me. When I said, “But my car is parked here, maybe I should take it?”, he quickly shot back, “No worries, I will bring you back and pay for your parking.” I smiled as I sat on the leather seats. He shut the door and was quickly inside the car speeding off to his house.

We got to the gates and he clicked a button and the gates opened. I was amazed at his house: About 6000 square feet, modern design with clean white edges. Floor to ceiling glass that had an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Modern touches and very nice accouterments all around. Very impressive from this slightly unassuming guy. I acted like I had been in a million of these places and walked inside. He said, “Care for a drink?” And I said, “Is that what we came here to do? Drink? We have been drinking all afternoon. I think you know why I came here.” And he replied, “I was being polite. I got the feeling you wanted to fuck!” And he said, “Follow me…”

I followed him to his primary suite. A huge California King with floor to ceiling glass overlooking the ocean. The scenery almost made me orgasm let alone the enormity of his primary suite. “Would you like to freshen up?”, he asked as he pointed to his primary bath. And I said, “Don’t mind if I do.” And I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Inside I took my purse out and refreshed my makeup. Gave another spritz of perfume between my legs and on my wrists which I rubbed into my neck. I gazed into the mirror and thought how I wanted to play this next.

After a few minutes, I decided that I would undress and walk out in my lace bra and satin panties and high heels. I undressed and looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I hope Scott will like the surprise as well and am a bit anxious as I open the door.

Scott is already lying in bed. The satin sheets are exposed and the comforter is thrown back. He is in a black silk thong and resting his arm against his face and his chiseled abs and toned body are nicely tanned and his grooming or manscaping appears to be in order from where I stand. As I walk out, his eyes widen in appreciation of what he is looking at and he says, “Wow, more gorgeous than I envisioned. How bout you kick of those heels and join me in bed?”, as he slaps the silk covered pillow next to him. I smile and casually kick the heels off and then jump into bed. He greets me with a hug and a nic

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