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An ordinary day at work and the doldrums of it had me bored and unmotivated. It was a complete surprise when I got a call from the front desk saying there was a delivery for me. I rush down as this was now the most exciting part of my day.

I was greeted with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a note that said, “Just thinking of you. Hope you are smiling!”. Of course I was smiling and knew exactly where they came from. I brought them up to my desk and texted him, “Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see you tonight!”.
The rest of my day sped along and my mind raced around trying to think of how I could repay him for such a nice surprise!

I got home before him and cleaned up and decided I would blow his mind! I put on a pair of purple satin panties with a matching bra. Added a matching garter belt and white stockings. I sprayed some Victoria’s Secret Summer Breeze perfume and did my hair back in a ponytail. A light dusting of makeup but deep red lipstick was needed. I looked in the mirror and got a bit wet thinking of the night ahead.

I poured two glasses off wine and drank my first glass a bit fast so I could quell the butterflies in my stomach and poured another glass. I list a few sandalwood candles and turned the lights low in the bedroom. I pulled the sheets back and crawled into bed and waited. I pulled my vibrator out and decided to masturbate before he got home. I was super horny!

I pulled the toy out and turned it on and pressed it against my clit through my panties. It hummed and vibrated pleasure to my clit and I enjoyed my building orgasm. Before I came, I shut the vibrator down and put it away. My sexual energy was high and I waited for him to come home.

I heard the door open to the condo and he walked in. He saw the candles and the flowers and the dim lights and I waited for him to put the equation together that I was going to fuck his brains out tonight.

I casually reclined in the bed and crossed my legs. I could see from the mirror over the dresser that I was super hot. He walked into the bedroom with his wine and said, “Wow, nice surprise!”
I motioned for him to come to the bed and I slid toward him as he approached. I kneeled on the edge of the bed and said, “Just want to repay you for the flowers.” And I began undoing his belt and lowered his trousers. He kicked his shoes off and took his socks off as he flung his pants to the side.

I had him stand there and I rubbed his cock through his Calvin Klein Black trunks and I could feel him stiffen. As I rubbed him, he undid his shirt and pulled his t shirt off. I pulled his undies down and his stiff cock sprang out. I grabbed it and gently pulled him onto the bed. He laid down and I rolled on top of him and gave him a kiss. We made out for a while while his hands wandered across my back and ass cheeks. He squeezed just hard enough in all the right places and I was getting wet at the though of him fucking me.

I kissed around his neck and nibbled his ears and I know this drives him crazy so I tease him and lower myself to his chest and suck and bite lightly on his nipples. He enjoys it and I continue downward til I get to his cock. I slide to the right and slowly jerk his cock while looking him in the eye and he puts his head back and waits for the pleasure I am about to give him.

I fondle his balls and begin to kiss around his cock while I gently stroke him. He enjoys this and I lick his shaft before taking him into my mouth. I suck his tip and swirl my tongue around the sensitive bottom of his cock head and increase my stroking of his shaft. My spit leaking down his shaft adds a lube to ease the friction. He strokes my hair and pushes me downward and I take all of him in my mouth. I fondle his balls and enjoy sucking him off. I keep licking and sucking and stroking him and slid a slick finger into his ass. He loves ass play!
He enjoys this for a moment while I keep sucking him off. I can tell he is going to cum soon as I feel his balls tighten. He gushes his seed in my mouth and I let him pump me full of it. Some spills out and down his shaft and is quickly stroked into his shaft. Feeling him go limp, I let him flop out of me as I swallow his creamy load.

I pull my finger out of his ass and crawl upward for a kiss. My pussy is aching to be fucked and I know it is coming in a bit but I have to work to get him hard again. He undoes my bra as we make out and the feel of my skin on his erects my nipples. He flips me on my back and I know what he wants: A taste of my pussy! He licks and sucks and kisses his way down my toned body and gets to my panties. He slides a finger through my slit and panties. It’s electric. He keeps riding his finger between my slit and I can feel myself getting wetter by the minute.

He pulls my panties aside and licks the outer fold of my pussy. He slips a finger inside and it glides in easily with my wetness. He slips another finger into me and the feeling is amazing. Not as good as his cock but still a good feeling. He rubs my inner walls as his tongue heads for my clit. He bats at my clit with his tongue and I feel a solid orgasm building. He continues to lap at me and lick my wet hole. I reach over and grab my vibrator and hand it to him. He happily grabs it and turns it on. Hips tongue continues to lick my clit while the vibrator is inserted into me. The combination feels amazing with the vibrator humming inside me while he works my clit over. I cum quickly with this combination and buck my hips upward fast and hard as I release my orgasm. He stands back and watches my body convulse with the orgasm exploding and the vibrator filling my pussy nicely. He keeps fucking my twat with the vibrator as he pulls back and jerks his cock hard with his other hand.

I love watching him jerk his massive cock and can’t wait for it to be hard again. He pulled the vibrator out of me and rubs it between my pussy lips. It slides with ease betwee

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Notes A nice gesture given for a nice gesture received.
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