Heat Wave! Cum Swap

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It was a hot summer day with temps in the high 90’s and humidity that was thick and stifling. I pulled my hair back in a pony tail, pulled on my neon yellow sports bra and my gray running tights. Laced up my ASICS and walked to the park. Jamming some tunes on my EarPods and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I got to the park and found a bench. I did some leg stretches and began my light run down the Charles River. It is a good 5k run and pretty flat. I run it every other day and love the sights of Boston and Cambridge that I see while running.

Being so hot, I quickly feel the sweat coming off of me. A slickness between my skin and work out gear is building up and the calories being burned off feel great as my heart finds an increased rhythm. I finish my run and find some shade by the Hatch Shell. I take a long pull of cold water from my water bottle and wipe the sweat from my brown. I do some light, post-run stretching and feel sweat dripping off me as I do so.

“Nice run?”, I hear as I work out my hamstring and I turn and see Jim, a fellow runner and neighbor/friend, and say, “Yeah, very good. You?”. He is just a sweaty and his shirt is just about soaked through. His black running tights do not show any sweat but surely his balls are soaked in it. “Looks like you need a shower?”, he says as I look down at my sweat soaked sports bra and gray leggings, soaked in a dark hew of gray around my crotch and ass area, evidence of a good workout.

“Yeah, headed there now”, I reply as I gather up my gear and start walking back toward our apartment building. “Me too”, he says, “Care if I walk with you?”. “Be my guest.”, I reply and we start our walk back. On the way, we exchange small talk over our run and workouts and how hot it has been. We get to the elevator when he says, “Man, today was a hot one, my balls are dragging at my ankles it is so hot out.” And I look slightly stunned when I reply back, “Really? Let me see?” He waits for the door to shut and pulls his running tights down. Although they did not hit the ground, his ball sac was quite sweaty, quite droopy and his cock just laid there. His cock was nice: about 6 inches limp and not a sign of any hair anywhere on his balls of pubes. I said, “Nice!” As he pulled up his tights his cock bulge showed just a bit larger than before.

The elevator door opened to his floor and as he walked out I said, “Mind if I suck your sweaty balls clean?” And he smiled and grabbed my hand and led me to his apartment. Once inside, he grabbed two bottles of water and guided me to the bedroom. Once inside, I didn’t;t offer him a kiss or anything, I went straight for his cock and began rubbing it through the Spandex fabric which was wet with his sweat. He got hard pretty quick and I continued to stroke him. Once hard enough, I lowered his tights and watched his cock spring to attention. It was moist with his sweat and I stroked slowly, cupping his warm, soft balls while stroking him and lowering myself to my knees.

I inhaled deep and enjoyed the musky scent of his manhood. So exhilarating the smell of sweaty genitals. I kept stroking him and fondling him and he was air drying out but still had that musky smell of sweat on his cock. I held him by the tip and licked his shaft off. Tasting his salty musk was making me wet and I sucked his balls and licked his shaft trying to absorb as much of his musk as I could. His cock was awesome: veiny, stiff and now about 8” long with nice girth to it. I could take him all the way in my mouth and loved how he filled my mouth. A few slurps up and down and my spit had now taken over as the main lubricant as his sweat had evaporated. I rubbed it into his bald balls and kept sucking and licking and stroking him. In between strokes, I could see his precum leaking out: the transparent liquid dripping down his shaft. I could tell he would cum soon and I couldn’t wait to taste him.

A few more slurps and strokes and as I fondled his balls, I felt them contract a bit. I pulled my mouth off and kept stroking him as he thrust his hips forward a bit jets of cum came spewing out of his cock hole and splashed all over. the first jet landed on my sports bra. The second splashed across my face and hair. The third pump got my chin and chest and neck. The forth got me in the face again. The fifth barely had any flight path and landed on the ground in front of me, getting a little on my running tights. The last pump just spilled out and I stroked it onto his cock. A massive load of cum that I do not think I had every experienced before. It was everywhere! As he went limp, I began wiping gobs of him off of my face and kicking my fingers clean after each wipe. I ate as much if him as I could and he stood there watching me and said, “Fucking hot!” I rubbed the rest of him into my sports bra and tights and got to my feet. He gave me a long kiss and my cum soaked tongue played with his for a while before I said, “I love sweaty cock. Thanks for helping me out!”

He smiled and said, “Well, can I taste that sweaty pussy?” And I coyly stood back and lowered my tights which exposed my freshly waxed pussy. I shimmied the tights around my curvy ass and pulled the sweaty Spandex off my body. The wet Spandex slapped against itself when it hit the ground and I slowly laid back on his unmade bed and spread my legs while I laid back.

He hit the ground running and was licking my inner thighs and outer pussy lips quickly while he slipped a finger between my vulva and stroked my slowly. My wetness was already built up: A combination of sweat from my run and natural lubricant from my erotic desires created from blowing him. He lapped at my outer pussy while his fingers probed a bit more toward inside me. His other hand unfolded my clitoral hood and exposed my magic button. He came up to it and just blew a little warm breath across it. It sent me into a tailspin. He pressed his tongue a

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Notes A hot day of running turns into a good clean up
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