Invisible Touch

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I had been married for years and although I do love my wife, it was an Invisible Touch moment of weakness that I could not resist being with another woman. Her name was Michelle and the draw of attraction I had for her was hard to resist. I tried and tried for years but also tempted fate a few times as I know my desire to be with her was the only reason I drafter her kid to any sport I coached. The best was the baseball season only because of the pool party that followed the season. It was here that another mom came up to me and said that Michelle was asking about me and if I “had a brother” because of how nice I was and, apparently, how good looking I was. She was a knockout. Long brunette hair, sultry brown eyes, a smile that captured anyone’s attention and a body that filled out her black bathing suit and sarong very nicely. Perky A cup tits with a little nipple pressing through the spandex bathing suit and a killer tan that complimented it all so nicely.

I would say that I did not flirt with her but that would be a huge lie. She flirted with me and we had a lot of fun doing it, getting a bit more risqué along the way. The party ended late, as usual, with many of the dad’s sitting around the fire pit, drinking bourbon and swapping stories of Glory Days. My wife had left earlier and took the kids with her. Michelle was prepping to leave and was fumbling to gather up her items in an apparently obvious need for a second set of hands. I got up and helped her to her car, her son was sleepy and she was going to take him to his fathers for the night she said. I helped her put her items in the car and shut the back of her Range Rover. She said, “Thanks!” And I relied, “No problem, have a good summer!” And turned my back to go back to the fire pit. She said, “Hey coach, my son is going to be at his fathers tonight. You want to come by my fire pit?” I knew the right answer was no but again, he had the built in ability to take everything she see’s and I sheepishly turned around and said, “What time?” “About 20 minutes.”, she replied.

I weren’t back to the fire pit. Butterflies began to build in my stomach and I had a hard time concentrating as I sat back at the fire pit. Contemplating whether I should go or not, again knowing the right answer to be no. 15 minutes passed as I contemplated my decision and I firmly decided to not go. I was tired and a bit drunk so I said my goodbyes to the dads and moms lingering around and got into my GMC Truck. As I drove home, my slightly drunk mind kept racing to her toned body in that swimsuit and that killer smile. Without even knowing it, I drove right to her house and parked my car. A deep breath and I turned off the motor. I could smell the fire coming from the backyard and walked around the garage. She was stocking the fire trying to get it going and had a bottle of wine and a bottle of bourbon sitting on a small table between two Adirondack Chairs.

She smiled when she saw me round the corner and said, “Glad you could make it! Wasn’t sure you would come!” And I said, “Well, how could I turn this down?” She smiled and turned to get the drinks, “Bourbon or wine?”, she asked. I pointed to the bourbon as I sat in the chair. She leaned in and handed it to me, her perfume of Hawaiian Tropic floated by me.

She sat next to me and said, “Well, Ia m glad you came by. I really appreciate you teaching Keegan all these sports. His dad is kinda a deadbeat and not around too much. And if I am brutally honest, I really think you are cute.” I almost spit the bourbon through my nose after she said that and replied, “Um, thanks. I think you are pretty cute too. In fact, if I am being honest, I have had a crush on you since the moment I saw you, kinda like an Invisible Touch. I am sure you noticed me checking you out from the sidelines and our flirting has gotten a little more risqué with each season.” She said, “Yeah, I get embarrassed because when you look over at me I am usually checking you out, you fill out shorts very nicely! Especially that slight bulge in the front. I imagine what that might feel like inside me.” I can feel the bold fill my face with embarrassment and reply, “You fill out that bathing suit fairly well! And I have fantasized about what is underneath it since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

She got up and sat on my lap, draping her arms around my neck. The firelight burning bright and flickering in her brown eyes, I couldn't help but kiss her. She didn’t resist and leaned into it. And we made out with increased passion while the fire burned brightly, moans of pleasure emitting from slurps of kissing.

I picked her up and and laid her down next to the fire. I laid on top of her and began kissing her again, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed into my eager hard on. I fumbled around with her bathing suit top and she undid my belt and lowered my shorts and undies, my cock springing out to attention she grabbed hold of it and stroked me. Having pulled her top down, I sucked on her tits and her rock hard nipples were a real turn on. She pushed me off and stood up and undress in front of the fire. The light bounced off her curves and she looked magnificent. She walked toward me and took off my Tom Petty T Shirt and threw it aside and then lowered to her knees and began sucking me off. The firelight burning bright as she stared into my eyes while gobbling up my rod. Her other hand was laying with her clit and she was enjoying the fuck out of it all, as was I!

She licked my shaft, sucked on the know while her tongue lapped up any precum that may have begun and stroked me off. I tensed up and she noticed it and took the heads of my cock into her mouth as i emptied my seed in her mouth. She licked it clean and swallowed it all down before wiping her mouth with he back of her hand, I said, “Now it is your turn.” As I guided her to the Adirondack Chair and pulled her hips to the edge of the seat,

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