Summer Lovin

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The vacation was coming to a close. We had met two weeks earlier as our cottages were next to each other. Sarah was a 5’6” blond with the body of a surfer. I was 5’11” with brunette hair and an equal surfers body. She looked great in her bikini and I didn’t look too shabby in my Birdwell’s. We had hung out almost exclusively for the past two weeks but never fooled around as she said she had a boyfriend back home. I was respectful of that and enjoyed her company so let it slide.

Our last night, I meet her at the beach and she is sobbing in the Life Guard Chair. I ask what is wrong and she says her boyfriend broke up with her. She was devastated and couldn’t understand it. I jumped up on the chair and gave her a big hug and tried to console her into thinking everything would be alright, which it would as anyone who has ever been dumped knows: It may seem like it will suck forever, but it won’t.

Anyway, I let Sarah go on and on and sob and cry. All while rubbing her back and occasionally giving her a hug to console her. After a while, the tears stopped and her puffy eyes looked cute in her oversized yellow Beachcomber Hoodie. I said, “Let’s go get some ice cream, that always cheers me up!” And I bounced out of the Life Guard Chair and reached up to help Sarah down. “Sure, that sounds good.”, she said as I helped her down. She gave me a big hug when she landed and said, “Thanks for listening. I really appreciate it.”

We went and had ice cream. I had a mint chocolate chip and Sarah had a pistacio. We were hanging in the parking lot when my brother popped by and said his buddy, Mark, was having a party on his private beach in Chatham. I asked Sarah, “Want to go? It could be fun.” She said, “Yeah, let’s go.” So we jumped in with my brother and sped off to the party. We arrived and the place was bumpin’. Loads of people on the beach. Bonfire raging, kegs flowing. I grabbed Sarah and myself a beer and we sat near the bonfire. She seemed to be pulling out of her funk and I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or my stupid jokes that were making her feel better but i was happy to see that awesome smile return. We laughed a bit and listened to some dude named Pete strum a guitar.

The night was going along nice when Sarah asked, “Do you want to go for a walk?” And I replied, “Sure”. We began the walk away from the house and toward Ridgevale Beach. It was about a 3 mile walk if we wanted to make it to Ridgevale but we casually talked and walked and avoided some of the incoming tide and waded through water when we didn’t feel like moving or were caught off guard. During the conversation, Sarah asked, “So, for the past two weeks we have been hanging out and we flirt a little but you never cross the line. You listen to me and never tried anything on me. Do you not think I am pretty?”. I responded, :”Sarah, I think you are great. I have loved the last two weeks and I think you are a beautiful woman but I know you have a boyfriend so I never tried, I have too much respiratory for our friendship to be an asshole like that to you.” “Well, now that I don’t have a boyfriend, what do you think?”, she asked. And I said, “You got dumped about 2 hours ago so I think you’d be rebounding and I wouldn’t;’t want to be your rebound.” “What would you want then?”, she asked. “I would want a soulmate, a person I could love forever but I don’t think you are ready for that, especially after a fresh breakup.”, I said. “I think you are a great guy Scott. You have been a very good friend to me and have listened to my trials and tribulations when you didn’t need to. I think you are an amazing person and before I go home, I would like to at least kiss you.”, said Sarah.

I stopped at the edge of the water and gazed out into the ocean, the moonlight dancing on top of the waves and said, “I don’t think that is such a good idea. Again, I have too much respect for you. I think you are beautiful…” and before another word got out of my mouth, I found her tongue in mine. A soft bubblegum like kiss that tasted like strawberry lip gloss. I pulled back and said, “I really don't want to be your rebound.” And she said, “It’s the last night of summer, lets just have some fun. It will take my mind off my breakup and I know you are a good guy. I think you are cute and won;’t hold anything against you. You won’t be my rebound. I promise.” And she came in for another kiss. This time I embraced it and enjoyed her soft tongue dancing in my mouth. I was attracted to her very much so and have to admit I did have thoughts of doing this with her for the last two weeks. I pulled her in close and enjoyed the soft cuddle of her Beachcomber sweatshirt. She embraced me tightly and I reciprocated.

We managed to fumble upward off the shoreline and onto the beach. Nothing but the light of the moon and stars cascading down and visibility was not very good. We sat on the beach as I took my sweatshirt off for a makeshift blanket and let her lay down. We kissed again and her hands were soon up my shirt. I returned the favor and worked her sweatshirt off. Her yellow polka dot bikini top was holding back her boobs as I played with them through the spandex fabric. Her nipples her hard as pebbles as I kneeled them, she moaned as I played.

She worked her hand to my cock and Hagen rubbing it through the nylon fabric of my Birdwell’s. My cock enjoying the attention quickly grew hard as she fumbled with the strings to push them downward to my ankles. She kept stroking me and kissed y toned body all the way down to the happy trail of pubes that lead to my cock. I laid back on the makeshift blanket as she slurped my shaft and sucked on my balls. She was good at giving head and I enjoyed watching her blond pony tail swing back and forth as she sucked me off. Her white as day boobs swaying as she sucked me off proving that she had a good summer at the beach. She rolled to the side and kept jerking me off and said, “Wow, had i

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Notes Last night of summer turns to one last fling
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