Sun Run Sweaty Leggings

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I pulled up my navy blue Nike running tights. I put some ankle socks on and slipped into my white All Bird running shoes. I pull my neon yellow sports bra over my B cup tits and needed to scrunch them together to get the bra to fit right. I walks out of my waterfront condo and stretched on the bike rack out front. I looked at my reflection in the mirrored glass walls of my building and smirked as I caught all the guys checking me out as I stretch. If I do say so myself, I am a well put together late 20’s woman. Tanned and toned body. Abs that shape my core and an ass that fills out my tights. My boobs are a bit small but I like them and would never butcher my body for fake one’s.

Finishing my stretch, I begin a brisk walk that accelerates into a jog and eventually a run. I run the waterfront that overlooks Boston harbor and enjoy the warm breeze coming off the water on this seasonably hot July day. I run at a quick but leisurely pace and the sun beats down on my as my sweat soaks into my top and bottoms leaving a darkened wet spot around my boobs and crotch. I finish my run at the Starbucks and order a large Iced Green Tea from the app and do my cool down stretches outside as I wait for my order. A few more glances are coming my way from the men in the area and I smile thinking about the perverse thoughts running through their minds.

I walk in and grab my Iced Tea, the cold blast from the air conditioner send my nipples to full attention. I sip my tea and spin around to head out the door and bumps into this young professional about 5’11 and kinda cute. I spill some of my tea onto his shirt and say, “Sorry.” And get outside. He comes out a few minutes later and says, “Hey, I didn’t get your name? Where do I send the bill for the dry cleaning?” As he laughs. I say, “Oh, I am sure you can afford it.” “Yes, I can, I was just joking. But I did want to get your name, would that be okay?”, he says. Being a bit flirty, I ask, “What do you need that for?” He says, “Well, I’ll be very forward. I love women in sweaty workout clothes and since you are wearing them, I figured I could ask your name before I ask if I can sniff your sweaty running tights.”

“Um, that’s kinda a weird fetish.”, I say and he says, “Yeah, it is but it is what I like. By the way, I’m Scott” as he extends his hand. “I’m Danielle”, I say and continue, “So you just go up to random strangers as ask to sniff their sweaty running tights? What is the usual response?” “Depends. Often I get blown off but occasionally I get lucky.”, he says. “So for giggles, if I played along, how would this work?”, as I find him cute and the fetish kinda intriguing. “Well, we could go to my office which is up on that building. I work alone and have a lock on the door. You would strip and toss the tights out to me. I would inhale them and give them back to you. Or we could go into the bathroom here and do the same thing. Or we could go to your place. Whatever makes you comfortable.”, he says.

“Really, that’s how this works? I mean I am intrigued by this. You don’t want sex or anything? Just a whiff of my sweaty tights?”, I ask. “Well, on some occasions, it has led to sex but I don’t want it to be expected.”, he says. “Hmm, okay, does your office have a changing room?”, I inquire and he says, “Yes, a private bathroom.”

“Ok, lets go there.”, I say and he says, “Great, follow me.” I have a bit of a fetish side myself but Scott doesn’t know about it yet and won’t until we get to his office. We take the elevator to the 6th floor and he unlocks his office door. He seems to be some kind of day trader as there is a small waiting room, an office and a private bathroom. He opens the door for me and says, “After you.” And once in, he locks the door. He says, “Bathroom is over there, I can wait here or in my office.” “Wait in your office.”, I say as I walk to the bathroom. The office is very nicely decorated and very rich in details. The artwork looks real and I enter the bathroom and kick my All Birds off. I pull my tights off my legs and stare at myself in the mirror. I say, “I bet he has never had this kind of sex!” And I push my boobs together and walk out of the office. He has his back to me in his office and I hide to the side and lean in and say, “Here”, as I throw my tights to him. He catches them with his face just as his chair spins around and you can hear the thwap of the sweaty legging smack him in the face. He pulls them away and finds the crotch area and takes a huge whiff. “Oh fuck, that smells so good!”, he says as he inhales a few more times. I watch him inhale my sweaty musk and he is thoroughly enjoying it. I ask, “Does that make you hard?” And he replies, “Yes, it does.”

I walk in, naked from the waist down and as he exhales another deep whiff of my sweaty tights, he opens his eyes to me playing with my clit. “Does that make you hot?”, he asks. And I reply, “I like your fetish but I have a few of my own. Like, I love getting my pussy licked after a good workout.”, I say. He puts the tights to the side and says, “Hop up! I love eating sweaty pussy!” I oblige and jump on his desk. I spread my legs apart and place them on the arms of his chair, exposing my tight pussy and he wastes no time coming in for a taste. I rub my clit while his tongue licks my pussy walls. His slight scruffy beard scrapes my tender walls gently and I enjoy him devouring me. I play with my clits as his tongue fucks my hole and I release an orgasm that coats his face in my juices. He moans and laps me up, pressing his face deep into my folds as if he is trying to reach the spot my orgasm came from deep inside me. I push his head into me and continue to jerk my button. I cum again and feel myself coat his face with my juices.

I push him back and see his glazed face shine with my love sauce. My hole is lapped clean and i lean back and take my top off. My title bounce free and he wastes no time licking my salty

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Uploaded June 13, 2022
Notes A sweaty run turns into a kink swap! How much fun are your kinks?
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